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21 June 2018

Al-Ayn US has been wholly invested over the last couple of years to ensure funds needed to complete the HIKAYATI project are secured. The goal this year was to collect $250k as our part of a global effort to see this project come to fruition. Mental health is of utmost importance, this project seeks to rehabilitate children of war and terror and restore their hopes and dreams.

Year after year you honor us by the trust you place in us and your passion towards our shared cause.  Last year we raised over 198k for HIKAYATI and this year we exceeded our 250k goal as a result of your generosity.

All funding for HIKAYATI has been secured, globally we raised over 6.1 million dollars. The following is a breakdown of all you have donated in the US:

  • 2017: 198,040
  • 2018: 282,620

Click HERE for photos of the latest project update.