In Your Care

“Whoever cares for an Orphan, his children will be cared for”

Imam Ali (as)


According to the 2017 statistics published by  UNICEF, Iraq surpasses countries worldwide in terms of its orphan population. Over the last decade,  Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation has and continues to make great strides to ensure these children have a voice and have the means. Through your generosity, we have been able to secure private sponsorships for over 35,000 orphan BUT many more still await.

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation is launching a new sponsorship campaign, the aim is to ensure that the over 30,000 orphans currently awaiting sponsorships receive the basic life necessities they so desperately deserve. Recognizing that annual sponsorships may not be financially sustainable for all, this campaign allows individuals to contribute  as low as $20/per share towards a shared sponsorship or, for those with the means, they can opt to fund a an orphan for $840/year.

Here’s how you can help ensure everyone of these 30,000 orphans have the support they need:

  • Sponsor a child for a minimum of one year for $840
  • Contribute $20/share towards a shared sponsorship.

You are one step closer to making a difference!