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Kawthar: Inspired by Sukaina

19 September 2018



What do you hold dear?

My name is Kawthar. I visited the shrines of the Imams with my family one year, as we walked around the market, I saw a beautiful red hair clip. I asked my mom if I could buy it, but I already knew the answer. We lived in difficult times, this clip I so wanted cost 3,500 dinars, and that amount could feed our entire family for a day. I went home wondering what it would be like to not feel so deprived, to not have to worry about having enough money to eat and buy the things I liked. I was a little heartbroken but I understood.  The following morning, I woke up I saw the red hair clip on my pillow. I couldn’t believe it! My dad had bought it for me, and I wore it everywhere. I was 4 years old when he passed away and that’s when I stopped wearing it. I was too scared it would break and with it, my memories of him would be crushed. I’ll wear it for you today, so you can take a photo – but please be careful with it.

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