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Haidar: Inspired by AlQassim

28 September 2018

My name is Haider Al Karrar. My father loved dressing me up like him. In 2011, he bought us two matching suits for Eid and we had our photos taken at a studio. The following year we planned on continuing the tradition so, my dad once again bought us matching suits. That year was different, we couldn’t carry on the tradition like we planned, and he died before we had the chance to have our photo taken. Our unworn suits were left hanging in the closet for years. Recently, my mother donated his suit to a young, less fortunate groom-to-be. It felt good to help someone else in need, just as Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation has been helping us.

My father may be gone, but my memories of him are still alive. I think of him often and, we keep that photo and us hanging in our house.

#InspiredbyAlQassim (as)


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