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Hussain: Inspired by Muslim (as)

22 October 2018

My name is Hussain. I was just 2-years old when my father died so I’ve been an orphan practically my whole life. It’s not always war, sometimes it’s just your normal everyday circumstances. My father was driving back from visiting the shrine of Muslim bin Aqeel when a car accident claimed his life. That moment changed my life, it changed my mother’s life. I witnessed depression and anxiety take over her, and I would often stay awake and watch her struggle to sleep. As a child, I didn’t always get it and sometimes I was too loud or too much for her to handle. I remember that she would sometimes send me to my uncle’s house because I and everything around her was too overwhelming. Loss continues to affect us, even years later. My uncle has tried to help her see a doctor. It took a while to get the help we needed but now we are receiving that support from Al-Ayn. I pray she gets better and is able to move passed this, for her sake and so that I can have my mom back.

#InspiredbyMuslim (as)