COVID-19 Relief Fund

We are facing an unprecedented global health crisis. Vulnerable individuals are struggling to reach basic food supplies. Our personnel is working in exceptionally challenging conditions to distribute critical supplies to those in need. Please support our efforts.



Together, we have helped over 100,000 orphaned children in need. We need to do more. Our COVID-19 Relief Fund will support families living in quarantine with no work, food, or funds, and also families of orphaned children.

As you stay at home, please help us to lift a family out of food poverty.

“.. and loan Allah a goodly loan. And whatever good you put forward for yourselves, you will find it with Allah, better and greater in reward..” (Quran 73:20)


Please note that PayPal charges 2.89% and $0.30 per transaction on all domestic donations. International donations received are subject to up to 4.4% and $0.30 per transaction in PayPal Fees. PayPal automatically deducts fees from the amount donated.

Donations to our COVID-19 Relief Fund may fund emergency food parcels (containing essential food products, such as rice, flour, salt, cooking oil, pulses, and dried milk), sanitization material, life-saving medical treatments, and other costs associated with the COVID-19 relief efforts.*


*If funds raised exceed Al-Ayn’s funding requirements for this appeal, your donations will go towards providing financial support and food to orphaned children and their families.


Other Methods to Donate:

Please write “Covid19” in the memo/reference section to support families in Iraq, or write USAto support local families in MI.


Zelle pay is backed by every major bank and is a safe, free, and fast way to send money. Donations are received within minutes. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit your bank’s mobile app or website.
  2. Enter “ as the recipient.
  3. Add the amount you would like to donate.



  1. Have your Credit/Debit card info ready with you.
  2. Give us a call (313-724-7690) to proceed with the transaction.
  3. Get your E-Receipt via SMS and E-mail.



  1. Bank of America:
    • Account Name: Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation
    • Routing No: 072000805
    • Account No: 375014854605
  2. Chase Bank:
    • Account Name: Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation
    • Account Number: 383826333
    • Routing Number: 072000326
Checks and Money Orders: 
Payable to: Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation
Michigan: 6930 Schaefer Rd, Dearborn, MI 48126
California: 631 S. Brookhurst St. Suite 212-A, Anaheim, CA 92804

Khums Payments:

We are authorized by the office of Al-Sayyed Al-Sistani to receive Khums payments for COVID-19 emergency relief efforts. To find out more about how you can pay your Khums, click here.

Read the issued Fatwa from Al-Sayyed Al-Sistani office about Covid-19 campaign :

For English: Click here.

for Arabic Click here.