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With all the campaigns Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation runs, we direct people to our website for more information and to donate. However, for us to improve and serve you better, your feedback is very important to us. Please take a minute to answer the question below.

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I am humbled by the work Al-Ayn does on a daily basis. Their dedication to improving the lives of orphans in Iraq is reflected in the tireless work the staff and volunteers do every day. Al-Ayn looks at every need orphans may have whether it be financial, medical, psychological or educational, and works to positively affect change despite their tragic circumstances. I also appreciate Al-Ayn’s transparency in their procedures, in knowing that, I feel secure donating my time and money. I know that without Al-Ayn, thousands of Iraqi children would still be suffering and destitute, but because of Al-Ayn– they now have hope.

Transparency appreciated!,

(Arab American National Museum ,CJ Ahmad)

I consider Al-Ayn an extraordinary organization attempting to care for thousands of Iraqi orphans by providing financial, medical and educational assistance to those least able to help themselves. Having over 30 years of experience with non-profit organizations, I am impressed with Al-Ayn and its methods of raising funds and commitment to transparency and accountability. This organization has taken on a difficult task – impossible to some –  but does so with faith, determination and vision.

Faith & Vision,

(United Methodist Church, , Minister Richard J. Hendry)

The work being done in Iraq to help and aid the orphans is amazing. To actually see the entire process, brings awe to the mind. God willing, I hope you are able to do more of this wonderful work.

Selfless Contributions,

(Mohammed Ali Salama,An Accountant)