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Giving Charity

Sadaqa is a term in Arabic that describes recommended charity, given to the poor and needy. Great emphasis is placed in Islamic traditions on giving Sadaqa, as a means for providing for the needs of the less fortunate and establishing social justice, in addition to purifying one’s soul.

Furthermore, there are rewards promised in Islamic traditions for those who give Sadaqa. These include increasing sustenance, prolonging one’s life, preventing afflictions, and healing illnesses.

These divine rewards are acquired at the moment that ownership of the money intended as Sadaqa transfers to the needy person or their guardian, in a manner of their choosing. At this moment, the money becomes ‘Received Sadaqa’ or ‘Sadaqa Maqbootha’.

Did You Know?

Over 20,000 orphaned children who are not yet sponsored are currently being lifted out of poverty through your Sadaqa giving!

All money received as Sadaqa is distributed exclusively as part of monthly allowances provided to orphaned children. We have thorough processes in place to ensure the eligibility of all recipients, and that they satisfy the Islamic requirements of being in need. The mothers or guardians of the children visits their local branch to receive these allowances.

Why is the Sadaqa I give through Al-Ayn considered ‘received Sadaqa’?

In light of his general guardianship over orphaned children and the needy, Al-Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani has considered the act of placing money in Al-Ayn’s Sadaqa Boxes or giving electronic Sadaqa to Al-Ayn to be a transfer of ownership to him, on behalf of the orphaned children. Hence money placed in Al-Ayn’s Sadaqa boxes is considered Sadaqa Maqbootha (Received Sadaqa), and the rewards of Sadaqa are reaped immediately.

Likewise, we are committed to ensuring that electronic Sadaqa donated to Al-Ayn, including on this page, (excluding transaction fees) achieves the status of Sadaqa Maqbootha (Received Sadaqa) by the end of the next working day*.


Every penny raised from your donations provides direct relief to orphaned children and their families suffering through loss and poverty.

An Update

In light of the current global crisis, many families are unable to reach their local offices. In these circumstances, provisions are in place to deliver the aid to their door. We are grateful that despite the crisis, we have continued to reach the families through a grassroots effort across Iraq.