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Vocational Sponsorship, The Sustainable Solution For A Better Future.

Help support Al-Ayn’s Vocational Training programs that allow orphaned youth or widows to gain from workshops such as Mobile Repair, IT skills, Hairdressing, Baking, Catering, Cooking, Sewing, Crafts, and many more.

Vocational training courses at Al-Ayn also include life skills workshops, Financial Management, IT skills, and Start-up support. Youth and widowed women also receive long-term mentorship as they progress into the world of employment. Some go on to become employers themselves!

Al-Ayn’s Vocational Trainings programs are an amazing solution to providing hands-on experience to orphaned youth and widows that can benefit them in creating a livelihood for themselves.

Donate today and earn the reward for continuous charity (Sadaqa Jariya) by providing a life-long gift to those in need.

Why Sponsor a Trainee?

A one-off gift will provide a sustainable solution for the trainee themselves as well as often lifting their entire family out of poverty, breaking the cycle.