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Al-Ayn’s Annual Orphan Sponsorship program is a robust initiative that helps care for thousands of orphans in Iraq. The program offers four sponsorship packages that provide varying levels of financial assistance. The standard sponsorship package helps cover the costs of basic necessities like food, clothing, medical care ,shelter and academic assistance.

Every orphan registered with Al-Ayn is eligible to receive this basic support. Increased levels of sponsorship provide eligible orphans further assistance in the form of additional educational support for the academically gifted, psychological rehab for victims of terrorism and supplementary medical assistance for those eligible for the medical special needs sponsorship.

The Process

Our program was designed with mechanisms in place to help ensure the eligibility of applicants. When a child applies to the program, we conduct extensive research to determine if they are in genuine need of assistance.

We evaluate their circumstances, conduct interviews and then cross-reference information gathered from multiple sources. In addition, upon acceptance, we employ follow-up protocols in the form of regular field visits to monitor the child’s well-being and document any notable changes in circumstances.


We employ various measures to ensure donations are stewarded properly and reach recipients in their entirety.

Al-Ayn distributes funds on a monthly basis to the orphan’s mother or legal guardian. Transactions are handled in a professional manner and privacy is respected. During that time, the mother or guardian is free to express any issues or concerns directly to a representative.

Types of Sponsorship

Private sponsorships are designated into three categories:

Standard Sponsorship ($70 a month):

The standard sponsorship package provides enough financial assistance to cover the costs of basic necessities. $70 is generally determined as the minimum monetary amount required to lift a child out of poverty in Iraq.

Special Medical Needs Sponsorship ($85 a month): *

Orphans that suffer from disabilities or chronic illnesses and are in need of greater medical support are eligible for this package. This amount helps pay for the added costs of comprehensive medical treatment and specialist care.

Academically Talented Sponsorship ($100 a month): *

Orphans who demonstrate academic excellence or an earnest desire to excel in their academics are eligible for this package. The added amount is designed to incentivize orphans to pursue academic excellence so they can overcome their hardships and harness their full potential.

Partial Sponsorship

To participate in the Partial Sponsorship Program, please click here.

*Sponsorship may extend past age of maturity with sponsor willingness.

More Details

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding orphan sponsorship.


Telephone: (313) 724-7690