Helping Orphans Changing Lives

Our job is to identify the barriers that hinder personal growth, and pass on that awareness to orphans so they too can identify those roadblocks and work to eliminate them. By empowering them, the goal is to give them a real sense of identity and practical knowledge that will greatly improve their “sense of self.”

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Al-Ayn is in Texas now!
October 14, 2020   |  (0) Comments

SPECIAL NEWS Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation USA is opening the new branch office in Arlington, Texas. Thursday October/15th/2020. Please visit us at the following… Read More

Providing Oduhia/Qurbani For Orphans
July 13, 2020   |  (0) Comments

Oduhia/Qurbani “If people knew the rewards of Oduhia (Qurbani), they would have borrowed so they can sacrifice. The person who sacrifices an Oduhia is… Read More

COVID-19 | Urgent Medical Response
July 3, 2020   |  (0) Comments We are all facing together the devastating effects of Covid-19. With cases rising every single day, hospitals are oversaturated and the lack of… Read More

COVID-19 Relief Fund
June 12, 2020   |  (0) Comments

We are facing an unprecedented global health crisis. Vulnerable individuals are struggling to reach basic food supplies. Our personnel is working in exceptionally challenging… Read More


  • I am humbled by the work Al-Ayn does on a daily basis. Their dedication to improving the lives of orphans in Iraq is reflected in the tireless work the staff and volunteers do every day. Al-Ayn looks at every need orphans may have whether it be financial, medical, psychological or educational, and works to positively affect change despite their tragic circumstances. I also appreciate Al-Ayn's transparency in their procedures, in knowing that, I feel secure donating my time and money. I know that without Al-Ayn, thousands of Iraqi children would still be suffering and destitute, but because of Al-Ayn- they now have hope.
    Transparency appreciated!
    Arab American National Museum CJ Ahmad
  • I consider Al-Ayn an extraordinary organization attempting to care for thousands of Iraqi orphans by providing financial, medical and educational assistance to those least able to help themselves. Having over 30 years of experience with non-profit organizations, I am impressed with Al-Ayn and its methods of raising funds and commitment to transparency and accountability. This organization has taken on a difficult task - impossible to some -  but does so with faith, determination and vision.
    Faith & Vision
    United Methodist Church, Minister Richard J. Hendry
  • The work being done in Iraq to help and aid the orphans is amazing. To actually see the entire process, brings awe to the mind. God willing, I hope you are able to do more of this wonderful work.
    Selfless Contributions
    Mohammed Ali Salama An Accountant

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Sponsoring an Orphan
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Injustice To Orphans
Righteous Is He Who Believes In God
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They Ask You What They Should Give
Thousands of Mansions (E)
Property of An Orphan (E)

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