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Those who spend their wealth in God’s way by night and by day, secretly and publicly – they will have their reward with their Lord and no fear will there be upon them, nor will they grieve.

– (Quran 2:274)

At Al-Ayn, our goal is to empower every orphaned child in poverty.

We believe that when a child is supported, their own future is transformed as well as their families, and society at large.

We aim to build on over 17 years of experience to ensure our services have a lasting impact for all orphaned children, wherever they may be.

From Iraq to Ghana and Afghanistan, we want to ensure that every orphaned child living in poverty receives the care and support that they need, empowering them to follow their life choices and reach their potential.

The Afghanistan Fund enables supporters to provide a vital lifeline to orphaned children in urgent need.

We are on the ground in Afghanistan aiming to ensure that orphaned children and their families receive monthly allowances, food, health care, housing support, and other essential needs.

They also have access to vital support throughout the year, including Qurbani meat and Eid clothes on Eid Al-Adha and staple food items every Ramadan.

Did You Know?

Our teams have been working behind the scenes in several countries in order to set up services that we can bring to you. This includes visiting locations to identify where we can serve, providing training to aid workers and delivering aid to orphaned children in poverty.

Why Afghanistan?

With over 50% of the population under 18, Afghan children continue to face trauma due to war, conflict, displacement, exposure to violence and natural disasters. In Afghanistan, there is an estimated of 3.8 million children who urgently need humanitarian aid.
The ongoing crisis has left many children orphaned and living in poverty.

At Al-Ayn, we believe that no child should bear the brunt of poverty and insecurity- all children have the right to dignified care, wherever they may be. In Afghanistan, an unparalleled humanitarian crisis is unfolding, with an estimated 95% of the population facing food insecurity.

Orphaned children remain among the most vulnerable – poverty, violence, and displacement have left them in urgent need of vital humanitarian aid and essential services. Al-Ayn is working on the ground in Afghanistan to build sustainable, effective, and dignified services for orphaned children. This includes monthly financial aid, food, health care, housing support, and other essential needs. With your support, we can continue our vital work to reach even more orphaned children in urgent need.

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