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Private Sponsorship Policy Update

07 January 2022


After careful and considerable assessment of the financial need of our orphans, Al-Ayn Administration has concluded that any surplus funds from private sponsorship payments will be allocated towards the financial support of non-sponsored orphans. This is a direct result of the economic state within Iraq, causing the conversion rate to change. U.S payment amounts will NOT change; all that will change is the IQD equivalent of these payments.

For example, a generous sponsor is sponsoring a young boy with special medical needs. This generous sponsor would continue to pay their monthly $85.00 per usual, but its equivalent in IQD would now be 120,000 Iraqi Dinars. If any funds remain after giving the 120,000 IQD to this orphan, then they will go towards the financial support of different, non-sponsored orphans. This provides an opportunity for our sponsors to continuously change the lives of many orphans throughout the duration of the private sponsorship.

As always, we thank you for your kindness in providing financial, educational, and psychological support for orphans.

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Thank you!

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation – USA