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Orphaned youth are offered various vocational skills workshops including catering, mobile repairs, IT, sewing and more. Help us build 12 more

What are Luminous stars centres?

‘It is not enough for us to see the orphaned children fed and sheltered – we believe in sustainable solutions. We want to support them in transforming their tragic past to a bright future.
Luminous stars centres actualize this vision.

They provide:

– Vocational training on a multitude of fields

– Essential mental health support through psychological rehabilitation centres

– Essential physical health support through on-site health clinics


Over 1,700 mental health cases

The support of people like you enabled Al-Ayn to build a pilot centre to address the urgent crisis aid workers were witnessing every day during visits to families. Through the first Luminous Stars Centre in Baghdad, over 1,700 mental health cases were registered. Intervention began to be provided to both the children and their widowed mothers through specialists in Iraq and internationally. We are most grateful for the generosity of people like you who believed in orphaned children and saved lives in crisis. Alongside mental health services, the centre included vocational training workshops that provided skills needed for orphaned youth and widowed mothers to become independent.

3 centres are already open, 12 more on the way

Children in Baghdad, Heera and Dewaniya are already benefitting from the essential services the Luminous stars centre is providing. Hundreds have now graduated from training workshops and are empowered whilst thousands have had successful medical treatments. Donate now to ensure all 75,000 children sponsored today have access to the same essential services.