How We Raise Funds

Al-Ayn is unwavering in its commitment to the orphaned and displaced. In an effort to ensure the success and continuity of our mission; we offer our donors multiple avenues in which they can donate. Thanks to our key partners, our administrative costs are completely reimbursed, this allows for a 100% of funds donated to be allocated in service of intended recipients.


Al-ayn Social Care Foundation has the express, written permission of Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayed Ali Al-Hussaini Al-Sistani to collect religious dues to be allocated towards helping orphans. Below is an outline of all religious dues accepted by the foundation:

Zakat al-FitrahZakatSadaqahKaffarahFidyahKhums

A religious alms paid on Eid al- Fitr which marks the end of the month of Ramadan. The amount paid is based on the cost to feed an individual which is equated to a weight of 6.6 pounds (three kilograms) on any food commodity such as wheat, barley, rice, millet, raisins or dates. This due is set aside on the eve of the Eid, the believer pays this on his behalf, his dependents, and all guests spending the night at their house on the eve of the Eid.

One of the pillars of Islam, this means to purify and is done in the form of religious taxation to help the poor. Zakat is incumbent on farmers who grow wheat, barley, dates, and raisins above a certain threshold. Zakat differs from Khums in that Khums is on gains after exception of expenses of the year and Zakat is on cattle, crops, gold and silver.

A highly recommended act in Islam that is said to bring bountiful blessings and expel misfortunes. This charity is generally given to the poor, since this is not an obligatory due, the amount given is solely up to the individual.

  • Kaffarah for Oath – A penalty incurred as restitution for breaking an oath. To satisfy this penalty, one must feed ten needy persons or pay the equivalent.
  • Kaffarah for Fast – A penalty incurred for intentionally breaking fast during the month of Ramadan. The believer must feed sixty needy persons or pay that equivalent for each day he/she intentionally breaks fast.

Compensation for breaking fast for a valid reason such as sickness. One must feed one needy person or pay that equivalent.

Pillar of Islam and an obligatory Islamic income tax that amounts to 1/5 (20%) of a person’s yearly disposable income. This is income that is left over after all legitimate expenses have been paid. The amount of tax paid must be given to the Marja’ (jurist) through his offices or representatives for distribution.

Pay Religious Dues

Al-Ayn’s Annual Orphan Sponsorship program is a robust initiative that helps care for thousands of orphans in Iraq. The program offers four sponsorship packages that provide varying levels of financial assistance. The standard sponsorship package helps  cover the costs of basic necessities like food, clothing, medical care ,shelter and academic assistance. Every orphan registered with Al-Ayn is eligible to receive this basic support.  Increased levels of sponsorship provide eligible orphans further assistance in the form of additional educational support for the academically gifted, psychological rehab for victims of terrorism and supplementary medical assistance for those eligible for the medical special needs sponsorship.

The ProcessDistributionTypes of Sponsorship

Our program was designed with mechanisms in place to help ensure the eligibility of applicants. When a child applies to the program, we conduct extensive research to determine if they are in genuine need of assistance. We evaluate their circumstances, conduct interviews and then cross-reference information gathered from multiple sources. In addition, upon acceptance, we employ follow-up protocols in the form of regular field visits to monitor the child’s well-being and document any notable changes in circumstances.

We employ various measures to ensure donations are stewarded properly and reach recipients in their entirety. Al-Ayn distributes funds on a monthly basis to the orphan’s mother or legal guardian. Transactions are handled in a professional manner and privacy is respected. During that time, the mother or guardian is free to express any issues or concerns directly to a representative.

Private sponsorships are designated into four categories:

  • Standard Sponsorship ($70 a month):
    • The standard sponsorship package provides enough financial assistance to cover the costs of basic necessities. $70 is generally determined as the minimum monetary amount required to lift a child out of poverty in Iraq.
  • *Special Medical Needs Sponsorship ($85 a month):
    • Orphans that suffer from disabilities or chronic illnesses and are in need of greater medical support are eligible for this package. This amount helps pay for the added costs of comprehensive medical treatment and specialist care.
  • *Academically Talented Sponsorship ($100 a month):
    • Orphans who demonstrate academic excellence or an earnest desire to excel in their academics are eligible for this package. The added amount is designed to incentivize orphans to pursue academic excellence so they can overcome their hardships and harness their full potential.

*Sponsorship may extend past age of maturity with sponsor willingness.

Sponsorship Application or  PDF Sponsorship Application

Al-Ayn offers charity boxes that can be placed in homes, businesses, and religious centers. Money collected in these boxes is distributed exclusively to orphans. As a general guardian over the orphans and needy, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani considers the act of putting money in these charity boxes as a transfer of ownership to him. Hence, these donations are considered “received charity”, and the reward is reaped immediately. We employ various mechanisms and controls to ensure money collected reaches orphans in need.

Process Transparency

  1. You receive a charity box with unique combinations of a box and lock number, which we keep record of.
  2. You agree to return the box to us at minimum every 4 months so that funds can be counted and distributed.
  3. A designated committee opens the box, record its content and prepares a report documenting the session. These sessions are held under video surveillance.
  4. Al-Ayn is informed of the content of the box, and the money is distributed to orphans.
  5. You receive a receipt by email or mail confirming the amount recorded.
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Entire communities may feel the positivity that illuminates from a renewed soul, because what happens in the life of a child ripples throughout his/her environment. Our humble efforts combined with your generous support can literally shape a child’s future. Each child can grow to be a contributing member of their community and live an abundant life.

We have great plans to continue building on our successes and ensure children of all abilities find success, community, and friends at Al-Ayn.

Your gift will help us keep growing while lifting up families and breaking down barriers. There are many ways to support the orphans of Iraq through Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation.

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