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We are excited to announce our newest project, with a main focus of kids helping kids: our NEW

Kareeman coloring and storybook!

This coloring and storybook was initially created to encourage kids to donate to the orphans and help them by engaging in a beneficial hobby: coloring. After brainstorming, we decided to include an easy-to-follow storyline for kids to read with Kareem and Eman, the two main characters. Readers can tag along with Kareem and Eman through a day in their life and learn how to help the orphans, even without a monetary donation.

But that’s not all! We also designed a limited-edition Kareeman charity box! Like our regular charity boxes, it ‘s main purpose is collecting donations and giving them to the orphans of Iraq, but the difference lies in the ultimate goal for this box. With Kareeman, we aspire to motivate children to recognize their blessings and see that there are children just like them, but less fortunate. By giving them a box of their own and customizing it for their age, we hope to empower them to make it easier for them to individually donate and help other kids by simply doing what they love.

By purchasing our Kareeman coloring and storybook for the kids in your life today, you are funding the betterment of an orphan’s life later on. In addition to this, we will be including a FREE Kareeman limited-edition sticker set with your coloring book and a charity box. All profits made from this project will be allocated to our continuous charity projects, which are geared towards vocational training, psychological rehabilitation, housing, and education.

Add a colorful mark to an orphan’s life NOW by purchasing YOUR Kareeman coloring and storybook today down below or through Zelle. If you’d like real-time assistance with making your purchase, feel free to call us at:

(313) 724-7690, and one of our staff members will be available to help you through the process!

From your friends: Kareem and Eman.


(Please provide full contact information and address, to ship KAREEMAN to you.)

free shipping within the US only.

Returning the box: The charity boxes need to be returned in approximately 60 days.

Enter the quantity you want of KAREEMAN book and box.
If you like to make an additional donation to the orphans, kindly use the (Extra Donation) box below.