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Luminous Stars Centers

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What are Luminous Stars Centers?

For the last 16 years, Al-Ayn has built a global community that serves and empowers orphaned children and their families. The Luminous Stars Centers in different provinces throughout Iraq provide orphaned children with a second chance at life. Each center aims to rebuild the lives of orphaned children and youth by providing access to psychological rehabilitation and vocational training workshops, which allow for orphaned youth to transition into adulthood.

Three years since the inception of the Luminous Stars centers, we have made accomplished our goal of completing the construction of the centers located in Baghdad, Diwaniya, and Najaf. This month of Ramadhan, we are fundraising to complete construction for an additional 12 centers across different provinces in Iraq.

Al-Ayn has 38 completed continuous charity (Sadaqa Jariya) projects as well as many more under construction, including housing complexes and medical centers. With your contributions, most of these projects are already transforming the lives of orphaned children. Part of Al-Ayn’s multi-layered approach includes considering the complex and unique needs of children at all stages of their lives.

Projects like the Luminous Stars Center, which provides 15,034 orphan children in Baghdad access to services, including mental health support and vocational training. It is a center that gifts orphaned youth with a real chance at independence and a successful future. Students are trained in skills like mobile repairs, catering, IT, sewing, hairdressing, and more. Already, many have graduated and found employment.

3 Luminous Stars Centers are already catering to orphaned children. 12 more are under construction. Inspired by the divine promise, your acts of generosity this month are ‘like a seed’ – 2:261 that grows and multiplies. When you give continuous charity (Sadaqa Jariya), you are saving lives for years to come. You are helping orphaned children emerge out of the darkness that they find themselves in.

* If funds raised exceed Al-Ayn’s funding requirements for this campaign, your donations will go towards other continuous charity projects. 100% of your tax-deductible donations to the hands of the orphans. 0% Admin Fees.