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Imam Al-Jawad Complex

05 January 2018

Due to rampant poverty, many orphans in Iraq lack basic shelter and live in deplorable conditions. Their ‘homes’ are piecemeal, built out of scrap parts — some missing a roof and most lacking basic amenities like running water and electricity.

The Imam Al-Jawad (as) Residential Complex is a project that aims to provide orphans (and their families) housing to help alleviate that burden. The residential complex consists of twenty-eight housing units nestled between lush, serene greenery. Each unit will boast two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 1 and a half bath, and a sprawling balcony. The complex is enclosed to ensure proper security and each unit has a separate entrance for added privacy. Amenities include running water, electricity, sewage and plumbing. In addition, each unit will have one assigned parking space.

Upon completion, twenty-eight families will have a place to call home. More importantly, they will take the first step towards lifting themselves out of poverty. By providing a safe, clean home, families no longer have to save up to build a house – they can put that money towards their children’s education, medical treatment, and much more. Ultimately, it will help families provide a brighter future for their children.