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02 May 2018

Determined to be….

Refusing to succumb to circumstantial limitation is how Dunya was able to transform her life. It is said that great passion and god given talent cannot be caged, this much she proved to be true.

Born into an era of war, Dunya’s circumstances imprisoned her in a reality she could not accept. At an early age, her father was killed by ISIS. As a result, Dunya and her sister were left without the sense of security a father provided, and an outlook for a future that is, to say the least uncertain. In the blink of an eye, they were forced to adjust to a new lifestyle, one which could not afford them the most basic of needs. How devastating of an implication it is when a child is forced to believe that their basic needs cannot be met, and all they aspire to be is unattainable.

Consequently, the feeling of hopelessness led her down a self-destructive path. Fear of the unknown and frustration over the limitations she faced, dictated her every action. It began with anxiety and mood swings which went unrecognized. Lack of support for what was roaming her mind and brewing inside of her went unnoticed by her surroundings. In a short period of time her behavior escalated to self-mutilation and ultimately she attempted suicide by overdosing on medication prescribed to her sister.

At that point, professional intervention became crucial. Dunya was transported to the hospital where doctors were successful in saving her life.  It was time for everyone around her to take notice, and take necessary steps to ensure her well-being.

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation intervened to provide Dunya’s mother with the  necessary means to secure a better and brighter future for her daughter. Dunya was registered with the foundation, and a holistic approach was implemented so that Dunya can turn a new leaf.

Accordingly, therapy began to assist Dunya in properly dealing with her thoughts and emotions. This was helpful, but consistent progress was hindered by the fact that the root cause of her issues remained. Therapy allowed her to open up and share her aspirations, and that was the missing piece needed to help Dunya alter her perception of reality.

Dunya has a passion for painting, knowing this, the organization began by providing the supplies needed for her to nurture her talent. The outcome was beyond what they expected, she was able to express herself through her art, and this helped her alleviate the anxiety she felt on a daily basis.

Soon after, Al-Ayn recognized her talent and the progress she made as a result of pursuing her passion. Dunya was enrolled in a young artist competition, this gave her the sense of purpose she was missing. Her peers were quick to recognize and compliment her on her talent, her painting was even sold at the exhibit.

Dunya was able to breathe again, knowing that her reality was no longer limiting, and her impossible dreams have now become attainable.

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