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His Name is Adam

16 May 2018

There on the ledge of life, Adam found his new beginning.

At an early age, the deck felt like it was stacked against him. Losing his father at the age of 2 at the hands of ISIS left him longing for a father figure to look up to. Growing up in an era of war, destruction and injustice meant that on top of the void he was already experiencing, his childhood was also taken from him. When we reminisce about our own childhoods, we remember what mattered to us, what made life enjoyable and hopeful were the small things we experienced. Going to school, playing with our friends, knowing we had a safe place to live and food to eat was all that concerned us. For Adam, these very basic needs were not an idea of what life should be but wasn’t.

As a result, Adam spent years dreaming of what to him was impossible, but to us, taken for granted. Common necessities that children not impacted by war and violence do not give a second thought to, seemed unattainable. Not being able to go to school, fearing to play outside, and anxious about how and who will provide for him was his reality. Moreover, Adam’s greatest fear was losing his mother as he lost his father, and being deprived of all love and care. That in itself was a thought distressing enough to break down his spirit and wither away the hope of a normal life he dreamed of.

As the years went by, the toll became greater. Examining his surroundings, he noticed that everyone around him was preoccupied with trying to survive as well. This made him feel insignificant, no one had time to worry about what he needed. Feelings of hopelessness began to transform into anger. At 14 years old, he has already lived a tiresome life, he had lost hope and grew tired of patiently dreaming.

They say, it sometimes takes a single straw to break a camel’s back, what was Adams? What brought him face to face with suicide as his only option? At the depth of despair and in the face of hopelessness, Adam found a rope and attempted to hang himself. As he hung there waiting to depart, fate intervened, sending his mother into the room to rescue him, it was not his time to go.  She cut down the rope that threatened her son’s life and began looking for options to help bring him out of his despair.

The dust of war began to slowly settle, and with the inception of the Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation, a ray of hope began to shine on the countless children left orphaned and traumatized. Adam was registered with the foundation, suicidal tendencies meant treatment had to be provided immediately and so it was.

In addition to therapy, a new outlook on life had to be provided. Adam needed to see what the world still had to offer. He was enrolled in school and was invited to participate in recreational trips and group activities so that he can begin to foster friendships and experience some of joys life could offer.

Give hope back, sponsor a child like Adam